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AFNetworking From Zero: Disclaimer

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Hi, I’m Jorge Maroto and I started to write this book months ago requested by an editorial. Finally I decided to make it a ‘colaborative book’ and distribute it free in many platforms as it would be possible.

I choose ‘collaborative’ option due to that I’m spanish-speaking, so I’m sure that this book could be improved only being read by a native english. Do you want contribute it? Please, make a commit on github and I’ll update the book on the different platforms :)

Another way to contribute to this book is updating their contents. I know that iOS7 is VERY near, and maybe some topics on this books will be deprecated (I started to write this book at the begining of 2013, but you know how quickly this advances), so as I told before don’t worry on send pull request with new texts, images or whatever, I’ll be happy with anything else :)

Nothing more, thanks because start to read this book (and luck with AFNetworking, it’s an awesome library, thanks @mattt), and don’t forget to buy a beer to person who referrer you here :)

Github repo: